Hunt Of A Lifetime


Xavier Petry’s story is a very special one. 

Xavier was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a very serious bone cancer on his spine about a year ago.

His Hunt of A lifetime request was to go with his dad on a Black Bear hunt. They were scheduled to fly to Canada for this hunt.

Then the unthinkable happened.  Xavier's dad Tony had a brain tumor that came back, something he was fighting for several years.  They could not fly because of his condition.

Tina Paterson, the founder of Hunt Of A Lifetime called Tim Jahn the H.O.A.L. Wisconsin Ambassador to see if he could get a Black Bear hunt in Wisconsin so the family could drive up.

Tim had ambassadors from New York and Vermont also trying to find a bear hunt for Xavier, along with Wisconsin Black Bear Biologist, Dave MacFarland. Dave told Tim he would do whatever he could to assist on transferring a permit for Xavier.

Tim Immediately put a plea out to Wisconsin hunters for a black bear permit and with hours he was overwhelmed with Black Bear hunts for Xavier. 

Xavier's treatment was harsh and he was not well enough to go on the hunt as Wisconsin's season came to a close.

 North Carolina, a state with a longer season stepped up and offered a Bear hunt, however Xavier was still too weak to go on a hunt.

Xavier’s mom, Ashley, had told Tim that her son was very discouraged and hoped he didn't miss his opportunity for a hunt.

Once again our friends Rick and Thea Vojtik, from American Adventure Ranch stepped up and offered us a second Whitetail Deer hunt for the year.

When Xavier went on their web site he was impressed by the quality of deer he would be hunting. Xavier fought hard to get his strength back in order to go on this hunt.

Ashley finally got the green light from her son’s doctors, so she packed up the family and made a 10 hour drive to Wisconsin.

On December 15 late in the afternoon, with his mom and dad by his side, Xavier took this 188 class non-typical deer. His uncle and twin brothers were only a few hundred yards away when they heard the single shot.

We all had an emotional celebration with Xavier and his buck.  We would like to thank all those that made this possible including those that donated a two day stay at the Wisconsin Dells for the Family as they returned to Ohio after the hunt.

     Our Thoughts and prayers go out to Xavier and his family

Xavier Petry

Xavier and his family all Celebrate the success!

Tim Jahn with Xavier and his buck