Hunt Of A Lifetime


Weston James Livingston, age 14

 Weston has grown up in the outdoors with a passion for hunting and fishing. On July 11, 2015 he was headed to Florida with his grandparents for a summer vacation. On the way there he wasn’t feeling good, had a headache and sick to his stomach. They had just got started on their trip and pulled over at rest stop.

My niece opened the car door for him to get out, but he had a seizure and fell out of the car and Hitting his head. We rushed him to St. Francis ER in Cape Girardeau, MO. They did cat scan and said that he had excessive fluid, excessive swelling, and a possible brain tumor. He was then air lifted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Upon arrival, Weston was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma brain tumor the size of a tennis ball. On July 13, 2015 three neurosurgeons performed a     10-hour surgery to remove the brain tumor. After many prayers, the tumor was successfully removed and we were transferred to recovery. After a long stay at the hospital we were released to go home.

 Weston has done excellent in his recovery since the surgery. He has MRI’s every 3 months at St Louis Children’s Hospital and they have all been clear. Weston has received many great opportunities since this has happened and we cannot thank God and all of the organizations that he has been blessed with enough.

 God Bless you from The Livingston Family

Weston is scheduled to come to Wisconsin in the fall of 2016 for his Hunt of a Lifetime ..Weston wanted a chance to shoot a big Wisconsin Black Bear.  

We hope there are many pictures of a successful hunt . Check back this fall !

     Weston Livingston