Hunt Of A Lifetime


Michael Osowski

In 2013 Michael received a call from Hunt of a Lifetime that Michael’s name was put in.  Michael has always put others first and has received other opportunities, but when this call came, he was so excited. 

Michael was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor when he was in 5th grade.  He had a growth spurt and the doctors said it must have “jump started” the tumor.  He was diagnosed with a plum sized cancerous tumor that was resting on his optic nerve.  He spent the next three years in and out of Children’s Hospital. 

Michael went through Chemo three times, Radiation twice and a Bone Marrow Transplant, missing most of Middle School. 

He was finally able to rejoin his class during part of 8th grade—having to wear a face mask and a cap all day.  Michael has had a lot of memory and vision issues, but has never let that get him down.

Michael was presented with several different hunting opportunities to choose from and he chose to hunt Elk. He was notified that his hunt would be September 11-15 of 2014 in Oregon. 

After a short sight in session with his rifle at Union Rod and Gun Club, he was on his way to Oregon. 

Michael and his dad arrived on Thursday, September 11th, and the guides decided to go out to a spot they had been scouting where they had seen a large elk. 

Across a small gorge, approximately 175 yards away, there he was.  One of the guides told Michael to go ahead and take a shot.   Michael put the crosshairs of the scope on the Elk  and dropped him on the first shot.   

A scramble then ensued to get to the Elk.  Michael and his dad spent the rest of the time in Oregon, going out with the scouts hiking, and riding ATV’s.  Michael had a fantastic time! 

Thanks to the generosity of Hunt of a Lifetime Volunteers, supporters and Sponsors, Michael was able to forget about his illness for a while and just enjoy life. 

Thank you all for making this such a wonderful experience for him!