Hunt Of A Lifetime


Thank You to Hunt of a Lifetime
 In February 2014, our 13 year old son Collin was having really bad pain in his knee, to the point where he could not participate in wrestling practice. We took him to his Dr. (who in our eyes saved his life) and she ordered an x-ray that showed a large tumor. We immediately were sent to Children's Hospital where they confirmed he had Osteosarcoma bone cancer.

Our life as we knew it was shattered. Collin underwent 2 rounds of intense chemotherapy, each round taking 1 month. Then he had a 12 hour surgery removing his knee and femur. This followed with 5 more rounds of chemo. It was hell. Collin is one of the bravest kids I know. He fought long and hard to get back to walking. Lots of tears and physical therapy.

Collin Wilcox

Then we learned of a group called                          HUNT OF A LIFETIME. They had granted Collin a hunt. Hunting was one thing cancer had not taken from him and is truly Collins passion.

Collin chose to hunt elk in Oregon and arrived there Sept. 17 2015.  Boy did Collin and his dad Kevin meet the best of people.

The first part of the hunt was spent glassing elk at few different spots. After the first morning the elk hunt was on.

A day and a half later on Saturday morning, Collin had his chance. He was able to get a good shot at a 6 by 7 trophy and all the memories were Collins.

  We would like to thank everyone that has made this wish come true. We believe that there are angels here on earth and for certain all of you are.

May God bless you all.

The Wilcox Family